P&D Consulting

Solution Advisory

At P&D Consulting we follow the Solution Evaluation And Selection (SEAS) methodology to advise our customers for deployment of an appropriate business solution. 

The SEAS methodology covers important steps like

  • Business Requirement identification
  • Solution identification and roadmap
  • Budget determination and Management approval
  • Software evaluation and analysis
  • Partner identification
  • Management presentation and approval
  • Final Selection and Contracts 
  • Hand-holding the project initiation

The methodology ensures that the selected solution considers and maps important parameters like culture, current state of IT proficiency, functional fitment, industry reference, technology and software obsolescence, implementation capability, hardware and networking requirements and total cost of ownership. 

During the solution advisory we also create the roadmap and identify the needs for governance and change management initiatives so that they can be dovetailed into the implementation program.

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Program Governance

Program Governance primarily seek to bring operational strategies in alignment with the vision of the business transformation and define the governing principles that establish the program structure. A program is defined as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and controls unrealized when they are managed individually.

Program Governance is a process of developing, communicating, implementing, monitoring and assuring the policies, procedures, organizational structures and practices associated with a given program. It also includes important aspects of program integration to identify, define, combine, unify and coordinate multiple components within the program.

The result is a framework for efficient and effective decision making and delivery management focused on achieving program goals in a consistent manner addressing appropriate risks and stakeholder requirements.

Our service of Program Governance reduces the risks of setback through Monitoring, Quality assurance as well as Change Management. We guide our customer by involving ourselves at critical stages and important milestones of the program.

Following the principle of “What gets measured, get managed” we have designed measuring techniques that work and do not over-complicate the process. Our Methodology not only ensures, timely implementation of the program but also enables realization of the key performance indicators for the organization. At P&D Consulting we use some of the following tools

  • Identification of Core Program management, Project management and Governance teams.
  • Projects charter including the overall project plan, resources planning, roles and responsibilities, escalation matrix and methodology with timelines.
  • Program change requests & Program change logs
  • Program risk register
  • Quality audit reports / Gate review reports, issues logs and action logs.
  • Training plans and feedback after training
  • Test plans and test results recording / logs
  • Program performance reports such as Planned vs Actual, Forecast chart, Burn Rate, Benefit card and others..