Talent Acquistion

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Talent Acquisition

Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. P&D Consulting has the database, tools and resources to connect companies with the best talent, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their qualifications. We have a specific focus on serving the organizations looking for Information Technology professionals and the Information technology professional who wish to supercharge their careers and achieve new heights of personal growth.

Talent Acquistion
Talent Acquistion

For Organizations

For organizations looking for hiring employees or looking to engage with contract employees and freelancers, we provide the services of Identification, Evaluation and Recruitment of the best fit resource. There really is no need to go through the hiring process on your own.

Why P&D Consulting?

  • Knowledge of the market
  • Our Extended reach
  • Profile matched candidates and not mere applicants
  • Access to talent with key strategic skills
  • Managing your process within the budget 
  • Transparent feedback and Regular status reporting
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Less administrative hassles
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Outcome based services

In case you have a specific position to be filled and are looking for candidates, either permanent or temporary (contract / freelancers) for your operational work or project staffing, please send us your requirement with the job description and your contact details. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

For Recruiters and HR executives

For Candidates

No matter your experience or skill level, if you’re willing to learn and are a dedicated employee we are sure to find the right position for you. We at P&D Consulting focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for rewarding positions in the Information Technology segment. Check out our listings of typical skills and get in touch with us to learn more on how you can apply for a relevant position in right organization suiting your experience, qualification, skill and most importantly your aspiration.

Resume Help: We know how difficult the job market can truly be. That is why our team of experts does everything in its power to take the pressure off. We specialize in sourcing and recruiting in many local industries, especially Resume Help. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. We will help you to jump-start your career and make the process a simple as it can be.

Whether you are looking for a permanent placement or wish to operate as a Freelancer we are able to connect you to the right organization. Contact us to let us know what you’re interested in and send us your CV so that we may help you find the right position best suited for your qualifications and skills.

For Candidates

Talent Acquistion
Talent Acquistion